I know how it feels to be a rookie! You are a little unsure and you love any extra guidance you can get your hands on! That is why I have developed the Rookie Starter Kit for you to access during your rookie, aka your first, season of "Girl with a Game Plan." And if you do not have the book yet, what are you waiting for, go grab your copy NOW! This Rookie Starter kit includes coaching from me, downloadables and so much more!

Do you want a Winning Season!

Of course you do! This Rookie Starter Kit is just what you need to get you on your way to winning the day!

Personal Coaching!

When you enroll in the Rookie Starter Kit you will receive a 1:1 Coaching call with me!

  • Start your Rookie Season off with direct communication with me, Heather Gidusko!
  • 30 Minute Session to discuss anything you want with me!
  • I can not wait to meet you and get your set up for success - you are a GIRL WITH A GAME PLAN!

Video Locker Room!

The Rookie Starter Kit includes a massive locker room, aka library of videos coached by me for you during every step of your Game Plan!

  • Pep Talks for Every Chapter
  • Workouts and Fit Ins for All Fitness Levels
  • Recipes and Healthy Eating Tips
  • Guided Meditations and Breathwork


Within your Rookie Starter Kit you have access to downloadables to enhance your Girl with a Game Plan experience!

  • Baseline Activity Tracker
  • Off - Season Reflection
  • Extra Game Plan-ner Sheets

The Rookie Starter Kit is waiting for YOU! Time to get off the bench and start living like a SUPERSTAR!