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Superstar Speaking Events

With my unique and energetic approach to my keynote speaking events, I inspire an audience to get excited and take action in their lives. Based on the message from my book, girl with a game plan, I infuse the room with the belief that each and every one of us are Superstars! I teach how the Superstar Mindset can allow you to be the MVP (Most Valuable Person) in your life, your career, your business, your relationships and more!

I also offer brief wellness breaks in your work day! Be sure to check out all of my unique offerings for you and your staff.

Let's Get To It.

You are number 1!

You are! I am! She is! All of us are the Superstars of our own lives. I am here to help you LOVE yourself! After 25 years in the wellness industry, raising 3 children and being a longtime supportive wife, I understand the daily struggles women have throughout the many seasons of life! We as women put our own self care and self love at the bottom of the list. I am here to rally you to love your whole self: your body, your mind and your spirit.

Coaching for You.

What are your pain points? I am here to help you break through your current life struggles with connection, accountability and 1:1 coaching! I am NOT here to give you more information, instead I am here to give you my attention. With my attention comes lasting change and support for you in the areas you need it the most.


Join a revolutionary program designed specifically for high acheiving women who are determined to excel in every aspect of life. With my unique blend of fitness, fuel, support, and accountability, you'll supercharge your productivity, increase your earning potential, and live your healthiest, most vibrant life. This Winning Formula will help you reduce the unwanted belly fat, the stress, the self sabotage, the confusion over what to eat, and the feelings of tiredness while simultaneously increasing your strength, joy, sleep, stamina and energy. We will also reduce the symptoms of being a woman in any age and stage of women's health including PMS, Perimenopause and Post Menopause and realize being a woman is a Superpower! You will love, yes truly LOVE the life you have, and you will enjoy making health a priority once and for all! Are you ready to create your Winning Formula? Find out when the next season opens.


With over 25 years as a wellness coach I can design and train you to get strong in body, mind and spirit. No matter what your age or fitness level may be. Sessions can be virtual or in person if proximity allows.


It is time to transform your life from being a spectator to becoming the Superstar you were meant to be.

It is time to SHINE.

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Time to Take Action.

Get off the bench and and take charge of your life with my all new book, girl with a game plan.

This book is your ticket to personal transformation, providing you with practical tips to create a personalized Game Plan. It will encourage you to assess your current self, establish daily actions, and start on an eight-week Competition Season where hard work and fun intertwine! Celebrate your wins, learn from your losses, and fill your life with love. Step into your greatness and let your Superstar shine.





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