Who am I?

I'm Heather Gidusko

...a girl with a game plan...

I was born in the 70s, raised in the 80s, earned a degree and took risks in the 90s, started a family and career in the 2000s, lived as a supermom juggling practices, housework, running a business and loving my husband in the 2010s and now in the 2020s I am here to serve as many women as possible through my signature program and book, girl with a game plan.

Get In Shape Girl

This is me, on my 8th birthday. I was so excited when I got the "Get in Shape Girl" workout program, complete with an audio cassette, dumbbells and a dance ribbon. Throughout my childhood I loved moving, I participated in gymanstics, dance, and sports. At college while earning a degree in Kinesiology, I fell in love with "aerobics." I loved leading others in movement to the beat of music and generating an contagious energy that infused the room.

After I graduated, I began my career as a Health and PE teacher while also loving my side job of teaching "aerobics." And yes I may have worn my thong on the outside of my biker shorts at this time. During this time I also auditioned and became a Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleader. By the time I was in my early 20s, I was blessed with doing what I loved doing-moving and inspiring others to do the same!

Fast forward to me now somewhere in my late 40s, and I have never fell out of love with leading groups of people in movement! I still love leading women, I still love working out with dumbbells and although not pictured in my recent photo, I still do enjoy a good pair of leg warmers!

But hang on...what was I doing for the past 20 years or so and how did I become a girl with a game plan?


Business Owner

In 2002 , my dream came true of becoming a Mom! I always knew I wanted to be a Mama and when it happened I felt so blessed! Shortly after, I became a Mom once more and my husband and I were enjoying the excitement and craziness of having 2 kids only 17 months apart! Life was good, I was teaching group fitness on the side, and absolutely loved being a mom!

Life was moving right along and if you don't pay attention, your kids grow up in a blink of an eye! When my oldest was 8 years old, we found out that I was surprisingly pregnant and we soon welcomed a third baby into this world!

In the midst of raising a family I could hear my Superstar calling to me. The idea of opening my own gym began to take over my thoughts, and when an opportunity presented itself that I could open a 1 room fitness studio inside my oldest daughter's gymnastics gym I grabbed it!

And so began a 10 year adventure of running my gym, Sweat Like A Girl, while continuing to be a Supermom to my 3 amazing kids! It wasn't easy and I had no idea what I was doing. I let my heart and soul lead me and soon I had a thriving and popular boutique gym in my local town that welcomed all women! It really was the best gym ever!

Those were some of the best years in my life! Raising a family while inspiring women on daily basis doing what I love! And then 2020 came around...


This is where the book girl with a game plan comes in!

Learn all about how I allowed the year of 2020 to bench my Superstar. Find out how I came up with the idea of this Game Plan, how I used it to live life as the star player and how you too, can do the same! It is time to take action girls!

In my book girl with a game plan, we learn that not everyday, nor every season, is going to be a winning one. But when we have a game plan, it allows us to lead with love, shine our Superstar bright and experience success! girl with a game plan will help you live authentically in all areas of your life-yes it covers fitness and fuel but most importantly it covers the love you have for yourself and this beautiful life! I can't wait for you to turn the chapter on a new season!






With a background as a former NFL cheerleader, I bring infectious energy and a unique perspective to personal development. I help entrepreneurial and corporate women adopt a superstar mindset, allowing them to be the MVP (most valuable person) in their lives season after season.