The 5 Day Passing Notes Challenge

Dear Genny X,

Remember the good old days of passing notes in school. Telling our friends the highs and lows of the day, what we were looking forward to and so much more! These notes we passed helped get us through those long school days!

I will be passing you notes each day for the next 5 days that will help get us through this current season of life! Mid Life, Perimenopause, Post Menopause and all the feelings, symptoms and things that come with this lovely season!

Be sure to check your inbox, open every email and do not just read the email with all the wonderful information, tips and strategies ... you must also take out a piece of paper and write your own note, with the instructions I give you each day! Don’t forget to fold it up like the good old days! So Let's Go Girl - put in your email and let's start passing notes!




With a background as a former NFL cheerleader, I bring infectious energy and a unique perspective to personal development. I help entrepreneurial and corporate women adopt a superstar mindset, allowing them to be the MVP (most valuable person) in their lives season after season.