With my unique and energetic approach to speaking events, I inspire an audience to get excited and take action in their lives. Based on the message from my book, girl with a game plan, I infuse the room with the belief that each and every one of us are Superstars! I teach how the Superstar Mindset can allow you to be the MVP (Most Valuable Person) in your life, your career, your business, your relationships and more!

I also offer brief wellness breaks in your work day! Be sure to check out all of my unique offerings for you and your staff.

Keynotes, Workshops & Coaching



Experience the excitement of attending a big game while being motivated and inspired to adopt a growth "superstar" mindset in all areas of your life. You will be guided through the understading of the key components that make up the "Superstar Mindset" allowing for each person to become the MVP of their own lives. Throughout myy talk there are real life takeaways that allow for immediate action. I also weave in the main ideas of how to formulate a "game plan" for success using the Superstar Mindset. This keynote address has the energy and excitement of a Pep Rally with the takeaways of personalized coaching session!

*Educational/Informative, Inspirational/Life Changing, Wellness/Health




Includes the Superstar Mindset Keynote followed by interactive coaching of the "Game Plan" program. Deep dive into identifying and assessing our current behaviors (The Off-Season.) Serious consideration in the creation of daily actions for each of the 9 roles we play out in our game plan (The Pre-Season.) By the end of this workshop, participants will have created their own Game Plan that is tailored to their specific goals and desires. They will be able to begin living out this game plan the very next day, the Competition Season, putting the "Superstar Mindset" to work. Think of this as engaging the team in "practice" after the keynote "pep rally." This workshop will lead to MVPs in your organziation.

*Educational/Informative, Inspirational/Life Changing, Wellness/Health, Audience Activity




Group Coaching

Includes Superstar Mindset Keynote with Game Planning as well as a weekly Team Huddles. "Team Huddles" are a group coaching calls lead by me to keep your group's “heads in the game” through weekly accountability, motivation and fun. This is an MVP Challenge to uplevel your workplace in all pillars of wellness and beyond. This is the complete package! I energize your team in the keynote aka "Pep Rally" by introducing the SuperStar Mindset, I have them "Practice" through taking action in the Game Planning workshop and I wil keep them accountable during the "Competition" with the Team Huddles!

*Educational/Informative, Inspirational/Life Changing, Wellness/Health, Audience Activity, Group Coaching

Workday Wellness Events

Mindful Meditation

A great break from the workday. We will go through basic mindfulness practices including breathing exercises, body scan, and meditation.

*Educational/Informative, Inspirational/Life Changing, Wellness/Health, Interactive

Desk Stretch

Breath, stretch and restore during this desk stretch. We will go through gentle stretches while seated at the desk. These movements are for all levels of mobility.

*Educational/Informative, Ergonomics/Mobility, Wellness/Health, Interactive

Mindfulness Tool Kit

We go through 4 tools you have access to anytime to create mindfulness in your life. Breathwork, Meditation, Stretching, and Journaling. We also discuss the benefits of gratitude and the effects on self-awareness.

*Educational/Informative, Inspirational/Life Changing, Wellness/Health

Family Health & Wellness Tool Kit

Learn fun and interactive ways to lead you and your family members to a healthier life. I will cover 3 pillars of wellness, physical movement, healthy eating, and mindfulness. Leave with tips and tricks on how to engage your family in wellness activities. A happy and healthy family allows for work life balance!

*Educational/Informative, Inspirational/Life Changing, Wellness/Health

Level Up Your Event

Help your attendees take charge of their life with my new book, girl with a game plan.

"girl with a game plan" includes an interactive workbook and planner, a great tool for participants to have in their posession prior to keynote, workshop and challenge events.

Ask about book packages for your event!



With a background as a former NFL cheerleader, I bring infectious energy and a unique perspective to personal development. I help entrepreneurial and corporate women adopt a superstar mindset, allowing them to be the MVP (most valuable person) in their lives season after season.